A Glance at Sports Betting at Online Wagering Sites

A Glance at Sports Betting Online

Sports betting is a form of wagering that has been in use for many centuries. Since the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks, bettors from all over the world have been placing bets on the outcomes of sports games, tournaments and leagues.

In basic terms, sports betting involves placing a bet on the outcome of a wide range of sports games, and in modern times these games may include football, tennis, basketball, hockey and horse racing. Each game will offer a variety of different bet options, allowing more flexibility for bettors, and this is especially true when betting at top online sports betting sites.

Thus, top online sports betting sites give their bettors the chance to gain real money returns on their bets while following and enjoying their favourite sports games.

Betting at Top Online Sports Betting Sites

For those bettors who are used to wagering at land-based sports books, online betting may be somewhat daunting. However, these bettors can rest assured that every aspect of regular land-based betting has been included in top online sports betting sites. These sites have been mindfully designed to offer bettors the same betting experience with which they are familiar in a versatile and mobile format.

Online bettors can also bet from a wide range of devices, as the top online sports betting sites have been optimized for PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone platforms. Due to this fact, bettors at top online sports betting sites have the ability to carry sports betting opportunities with them, and wager instantly at any time of the day or night.

Common Online Sports Bet Types

While some features of top online sports betting sites may differ from traditional sports booking offices, the bets offered by online betting sites are no different than those offered by land-based sports books.

Some of the more common sports bet types that bettors may come across include the point spread bet, the over/under bet and the money line bet.

Sports Bet Types

Spread, Over Under and Money Line Bets

The point spread bet is the most complicated of the three, and it involves the online sports bookmaker assigning a certain point value that separates the scores of two teams in a sports game. This spread is a specified range of outcomes for the game, and bettors will be betting on whether the total score of the game falls above or below this spread.

The over/under bet is simpler. The scores of both teams in a game are combined, and bettors must bet beforehand on whether the game’s outcome is higher or lower than that figure.

The simplest bet, the money line bet, only requires bettors to wager on which team they think is likely to win the game at hand.

Online Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Bettors who wager at top online sports betting sites may also be eligible to claim a number of betting bonuses and promotions. Just like online casinos, online betting sites also tend to offer generous welcome bonuses for their bettors, and promotions like free bets may also be offered along the way.

top online sports betting sites even offer a crossover between a betting site and an online casino, allowing bettors to also play online casino games at their will without needing additional accounts.