Monkey Business Slot – A Detailed Guide & Review for Players

Monkey Business slot features a total of twenty paylines and has five reels.

The art style in Monkey Business slot is a cartoon style that incorporates colours from both the jungle and also colours from the city. This slot has a peculiar mix of wild monkeys from the jungle placed in what seem to be scenes from the everyday life of the average human.

The comic style of this slot is fitting as it communicates the lighthearted nature of the slot and helps to bring a bit of humour to the atmosphere for the player.

The background of this slot is a stark and cold cityscape. The grey buildings reach high into the sky and make a rather ominous looking scene. The sky in a light orange colour and there are tinges of smog hanging in the air.

In contrast to this industrial scene, the reel itself it full of bright colours and greenery. Perhaps this is a play on the world humans live in versus the world most wild animals live in. From the bottom of the reel the player can see large, twisted vines growing out of the ground and wrapping around the entire reel.

They eventually reach the top of the reel where they feed into the name of the slot, Monkey Business, which is written in a green cartoon font and outlined in yellow. The vines also make their way down the centre of each reel.

The player can also see the various paylines that run down the left and right of the slot. These numbers, from top to bottom, include four, two, twenty, fourteen, sixteen, one, six, seventeen, fifteen, three, five, twelve, nine, twenty again, eighteen ten, one, seven, eleven, nineteen, thirteen and eight.

At the bottom of the slot, the player is shown various bits of information about slots NZ and is given options that they can adjust. Information provided includes the player’s coin balance, bet per spin, lines, coins, auto spin, bet max and spin buttons. There is also a small rotating digital display that gives the player instruction and encouraging messages.

Monkey Business Bonus Features

This slot has several bonus features for the player to enjoy. If the player is lucky enough to get three of more of the chimp from the city, they will trigger a free spin bonus.

There is also a pick-em style game where the player will see three chimps sitting in front. The player must pick a monkey and they will be rewarded credits.

Monkey Business Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot focus on monkeys and the various jobs that they would do if they had jobs like people.

These symbols include a tool belt with a banana in it, a bunch of bananas, a monkey in a shirt and tie, a monkey doctor, a jungle vine holding a cell phone, a monkey chef, a monkey construction manager, a check written on with a stick and ink, a shopping monkey, a laptop on palm leaves, a monkey in a purple suit, a monkey in a green suit and a pay packet that is full of peanuts.