Pointing out the Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloadable and Instant-Play Casinos

There is a great debate about download versus instant-play casinos and which of the two platforms is the best choice. There are many pros and cons to both so it advisable to choose the most suitable option for individual needs. First and foremost it is important to find a reputable online casino as these will offer safety and protection regardless of whether the casino is downloaded or played directly in the web browser. Reputable online casinos are powered by the leading software providers who all require downloading although due to the fact that this is not possible for all players they have provided a no download option too making the download versus instant-play casinos choice easier for all.

Weighing the pros and cons of download versus instant-play casinos is advisable but neither choice is permanent. If an informed decision cannot be made both platforms can be used to decide the best choice by trying them both out.

Advantages of Downloading and Instant-Play Casinos

With a choice of download versus instant-play casinos it is important to look at the advantages of both and decide which option is more favourable.

The advantages of downloading software lie in the ease of access through an application, high speed game play and a better quality of graphics, animations and sound effects. This is due to the fact that these game features are embedded into the casino software and do not need to run over the internet.

The advantages of instant-play casinos are more favourable for those who are shopping around for the best online casino without having to commit to downloading. Games can also be played at many different online pokies casinos without having to take up space on a hard drive which is beneficial for smaller or non-top of the range computers. Accessing casino accounts can be done from any online device and is not limited to the device the application is downloaded to.

Disadvantages of Downloading and Instant-Play Casinos

There are also disadvantages to both platforms that are important to know in order to ensure the correct choice in the download versus instant-play casinos options.

A major disadvantage of downloading a casino is the fact that it is not accessible for all computer operating systems like Mac or Linux. The software also takes up a lot of space. This is no good for those who wish to play at a number of online casinos as they would have to download all of them which in turn will require even more space. Uninstalling software is not as simple as downloading it which can lead to various problems and even though the online casinos that are reputable strive to be 100% safe, there is always a chance of malware.

The selection of instant-play casino games is smaller than the downloadable ones which can be a disadvantage as many of the best games may require a download. Due to the fact that the instant-play options run on the internet and not the software they have inferior quality when it comes to graphics, sound and speed. Online casinos will use advanced encryption security software to protect data but playing over public or unsecure networks may result in personal data being intercepted by third parties so personal security will need to be set in place.